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Policies and Procedures for Extramural Funding


Pre-Routing (Step 1)

The APU internal grant routing begins 10 business days before submission deadline. Prior to routing, Principal Investigators/Project Lead (PI) are encouraged to discuss the grant with their department chair and dean / VP level supervisor and work with ORG to maximize the prospect of an excellent proposal being submitted. During this pre-routing (and sometimes during routing), areas of support from ORG are in:

    • Providing a Fast Facts Sheet that identifies key application requirements, including number of pages, key budget guidelines, and cost sharing requirements;

    • Providing resources in developing the budget and budget justification;

    • Identifying compliance or legal issues;

    • Checking internal consistency of narrative;

    • Checking consistency of narrative against requirements from funding agency;

    • Obtaining and reviewing the sub-recipient information form (if applicable);

    • Identifying any cost sharing commitments which may require PI to communicate with the dean or responsible administrative persons for approval; and

    • Providing guidance for use of online routing system Cayuse SP (apu.cayuse424.com). PI is responsible to create and fill out the online routing application except for the Approving Units section, which will be filled out by ORG.

grant routing

10 Business Days Prior to Submission Deadline (Step 2)

The routing process begins 10 business days before submission deadline. Routing starts with the dean/VP level supervisor approval. The proposal should be in a reasonably complete form as follows:

    • Narrative is close to final. Revisions would not include significant changes to the proposed program unless there is prior notification to ORG.

    • Budget and budget justification are complete. Subsequent adjustments made pending ORG review to ensure consistency with RFP requirements and APU policies.

    • All attachments, including any MOU’s, are present. ORG will contact the PI immediately if any documents are missing.

    • In addition to the proposal documents, certain FORMS are required to be submitted along. SEE DETAILS HERE

10-5 Business Days (Step 3)

Routing process will start in SP as soon as it will be submitted by the PI. During this process, different APU departments (Business Office, IMT, General Counsel, Advancement, Student Financial Services, etc.) depending on the nature of the proposal, will be involved. ORG commits to an initial review and response in writing within 48 hours from submission. If applicable, a subrecipient risk analysis will be performed by ORG. ORG will communicate through SP with the PI on feedback generated by different APU departments as routing proceeds.

5 Business Days (Step 4)

Five business days before submission deadline, PI provides a final and complete application (uploaded in Cayuse SP). ORG audits for APU and RFP consistency and compliance. On a case-by-case basis, further submission details can be discussed at this time. Further revisions only made as result of ORG routing review.

2 Business Days (Step 5)

Two business days before submission deadline, no additional changes without APU's Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) approval. The two days prior to submission provides APU senior administration the opportunity for final review of the proposal. Submission will be done as soon as application is approved.

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