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Office of Research and Grants (ORG)

New Faculty/Students Orientation


Pivot: Access a comprehensive database of federal and private grant funding opportunities and connect with other researchers [pivot.proquest.com].
More information on the Finding Funding page

Resources to support faculty in the process of proposal development.
More information on the Proposal Development page

Guidance through the institutional routing process for grant applications and support with preparing the grant submission.
More information on Proposal Routing page.
Contact for pre-award, Director of Sponsored Research: Marta Cenac-Mehedinti, MSc [mcenac@apu.edu] 

Grant skill development opportunities every semester. Online asynchronous training is currently being developed. Grants Academy is typically scheduled at the end of academic year (May-June). Until then access materials and resources on this site.

Guidance on award grant administration. Contact for post-award, Director of Grants Management: Carrie Ullmer, MEd [cullmer@apu.edu] 

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and compliance training developed on a need basis.

Grant announcements and archives will resume postings on this site.
More information on the External Grants Activity page.


Deadlines TBA

APU Faculty Research Council (FRC) awards internal research grants during two cycles. The FRC makes two calls for proposals resulting in competitive cycles: (1) UG/Masters faculty in fall; and (2) Doctoral faculty in spring.  Both competitions include options to apply for research, planning, or publication assistance grants. Publication assistance grants can also be applied for throughout the year, not only during the timeline of the fall and spring FRC calls for proposals.
More details on the FRC Google site.

Travel grants are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students to support scholarly presentations. Check info at: www.apu.edu/researchandgrants/internal 

Director of Undergraduate Research

SURE: Scholarly Undergraduate Research Experience with summer focus
Check info at:

Richter Scholars Research Fellowships. Check info at: www.apu.edu/researchandgrants/internal/richter/


Call for applications TBD
Jr. Faculty Mentoring

IRB: apu.edu/researchandgrants/ethics/irb
IACUC: www.apu.edu/researchandgrants/ethics/iacuc

Contact IRB & IACUC Coordinator:
Martha Bellin [mbellin@apu.edu] 

Research and Grants Program (18-months) for APU Junior Faculty.
Contact Marta Cenac-Mehedinti, MSc [mcenac@apu.edu] 

Guidance and review of thesis and dissertation publication for successful completion of APU graduate degrees. Contact Director of Graduate Student Publications: Sharon Wang, PhD [swang@apu.edu] 


Executive Director, Office of the Provost: Robert Duke, PhD [rrduke@apu.edu]

Director of Sponsored Research: Marta Cenac-Mehedinti, MSc [mcenac@apu.edu] 

Director of Grants Management: Carrie Ullmer, MEd [cullmer@apu.edu] 

Director of Graduate Student Publications: Sharon Wang, PhD [swang@apu.edu] 

IRB & IACUC Coordinator: Martha Bellin [mbellin@apu.edu] 

ORG Office Coordinator: Yvonne Rodriguez [yrodriguez@apu.edu]

Jr. Faculty Mentoring Program Lead:  Marta Cenac-Mehedinti, MSc [mcenac@apu.edu] 

Director of Undergraduate Research: TBD

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