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PROPOSAL submission

federal grant applications

Cayuse424 has many convenient features for researchers, including:

  • Ability to create and maintain professional profiles and biosketches that can be pulled into proposals automatically
  • Ability to auto-generate the necessary PDFs for the Research Plan by uploading a single pre-formatted Word document
  • Ability to print an entire Grants.gov proposal package by pressing one button
  • Built-in validations against both Grants.gov and agency requirements, to reduce errors after submission of proposal

To learn how to use these features and more, get trained in using Cayuse424. Contact us by email at grants@apu.edu.

Other Grant applications

All grant submissions should be coordinated with ORG. Identify the exact deadline and method of submission early in the process. As soon as routing is complete and the proposal is approved, follow specific instructions for submission.


The pre-award team will attend to any required additional steps following the application submission. This includes providing more requested information, Just-In-Time procedures, checking and resolving error messages, planning and hosting sponsors’ site visits, and communicating with the funding agency.

Grants Lifecycle