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In situations where APU is the lead agency, an APU sub-award recipient contract needs to be prepared. Sub-recipient management is a highly-audited process for Federal/State grants.

Sub-recipient Information

Sub-recipient information Form

If the information was not captured in the pre-award stage, the form is the start point of the process.

Sub-recipient agreement/Memo of Understanding (MOU) Review

The sub-recipient agreement draft will be reviewed and approved by the General Counsel before forwarding to sub-awardee

Sub-recipients’ awarded amount

Need to follow Purchasing Policies

Sub-recipients’ Monitoring Plan

As a pass-through entity of federal awards, APU is responsible for monitoring the sub-recipient(s) to ensure proper stewardship of federal funds. APU is responsible for:

§ informing the sub-recipient of all applicable federal/state laws and regulations and all appropriate flow-down provisions from the prime agreement;

§ reviewing the sub-recipients’ audit results via the Federal Audit Clearinghouse or State Auditors;

§ reviewing any corrective actions cited by sub-recipients in response to their audit findings, where the audit findings are related to APU’s awards to the sub-recipients;

§ issuing a management decision on sub-recipient’s audit findings within six months after receipt of the audit results and ensure the sub-recipient takes appropriate and timely corrective action.

Sub-recipient monitoring Form

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