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Office of Research and Grants

award project management


Grant communication and documentation is through Cayuse Workflow and document storage (link to Cayuse)

Milestone Management

Grant Meeting with ORG – Review progress, budget and other grant related issues. The meeting can be set monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually and as needed base.

Report review and submission – Progress reports, annual reports, financial reports, performance reports and final reports

Request communication with the sponsor

Amendment Management

o Supplemental funding - Grant Supplement Information Form

o No cost extension;

o Extension with additional funding.

Most amendments require APU's authorized signer’s review and approval.

Communication with/Request to the sponsors

Formal communication with the sponsor should go through directly either the Director of Grant Management or the PI/PD with the Director of Grant Management. Most formal requests need to be approved and signed by APU's authorized signer.


o Non-competitive renewal ( fill all the required documents/submit revised budget);

o New award agreement will be issued.

The pre-award team will assist the PI/PD to obtain any required documents.

Grants Lifecycle