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Arts Receives Notice of Award from Singer Foundation for Fellowships

Angela George, PhD, of the School of Visual and Performing Arts in the College of the Arts, received notice-of-award for her project, Fellowships for Art Historical Research Projects, from the Singer Foundation. The award is for $42,000 over two years. Dr. George will establish Singer Research Fellowships in the MA program in Modern and Contemporary Art History within the Department of Art. The goal of the fellowships will be to support creation and dissemination of advanced-level art historical scholarship at APU. Graduate students and program faculty will receive funding to develop independent, primary-source research at museums, galleries, archives, research libraries, and private art collections. Congratulations to Dr. George and all who worked with her, especially colleagues from the Office of Advancement, for this exciting award!

November 2021

Christopher Newman Receives Notice of Sub-Award for Novel STEM Mentorships

Christopher Newman, PhD, of the Department of Higher Education in the School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences, and University of Southern California (USC) colleague, Darnell Cole, PhD, received notice-of-award of funding from the John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation. In their collaboration, titled SEEDS (Student, Engagement, Exploration, and Development, in STEM), Dr. Newman will be a sub-recipient of $15,645. This unique project uses inter-generational mentoring via partnerships among universities, local governments, professional associations, and middle schools. Partnering with Los Angeles Unified School District, the National Society of Black Physicists, the city of Los Angeles, and USC and APU, college students will work with middle school students to develop a “science fair” project with the aim of elevating STEM interest in 600 middle school and 60 college students. Kudos to Christopher Newman!

October 2021

$400,000 BranchEd Award to APU's SOE

We are pleased to announce that Azusa Pacific University's School of Education (SOE) was awarded a three-year grant of $400,000 to participate in the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED) National Teacher Preparation Transformation Center, effective Fall 2021. These monies will be invested in programs to foster high-quality educator preparation within minority serving institutions (MSIs) and their school district partners across the United States, drawing from BranchED research and innovation. Congratulations to APU co-PIs Catherine Hahs Brinkley, EdD, chair of Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Rebekah Harris, MS, PhD candidate, assistant dean for Academic Planning and Accreditation! Read full announcement from Anita Henck, PhD, dean of SOE, here.

September 2021

Federal Award of $445,816 to APU’s Military and Veteran Services

Congratulations to Everette Brooks III, executive director of the APU Military and Veteran Services, on receiving notification from the U.S. Department of Education of funding at the requested $445,816 level for his project Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (CEVSS). Through this project, APU will establish the CEVSS as a single point of contact to provide military connected (MC) students augmented transition, academic, financial, emotional, and social support, which in turn will increase enrollment, persistence, and completion rates in veteran students. The goal is to have an institutionalized Center by the end of the three-year timeline of the project which starts October 2021. This is a wonderful opportunity for APU, and it will lead to significantly enhanced services for our MC community. Kudos to Everette Brooks III and his team in Military and Veteran Services!

August 2021

Frederick Douglass Fellows Renewed at $22,000

Abbylin Sellers, PhD, associate professor in the Department of History and Political Science, and David Weeks, PhD, dean of the Honors College, received $22,000 from the Charles Koch Foundation for the Frederick Douglass Fellows project. This is a renewal grant that has received funding for 11 continuous years. Frederick Douglass Fellows at APU are sophomore, junior, or senior students selected through a competitive process. The program includes a required credit‐bearing Foundations of Liberty Seminar and a three‐part lecture series. Fellows receive mentoring, special access to three campus lecturers, a travel grant to academic conferences and other off‐campus programs. Congratulations to Abbylin Sellers and David Weeks for their continued success with this program.

August 2021


Congratulations to three APU teams as they partnered with ORG and Advancement in receiving awards from the Canyon City Foundation!

Sally Mansour, MS, LMFT, director of the APU Community Counseling Center, received $24,824 for her project Healthy Azusa. This is a one-year project that proposes activities (therapeutic and case management services, training/presentations, and community outreach events) to link local residents with natural local support systems (i.e., schools, libraries, recreational programs) in order to increase resources, advocate for needs, and relieve anxiety among those with language barriers resulting in inadequate access to information. The project will rely on partnerships with the Azusa Unified School District, Parks & Facilities Division, Azusa Police Department, Mayor’s Office, Azusa Library, and other local agencies such as Neighborhood Homework House and World Team Foundation.

Diane Viera, director of the Neighborhood Wellness Center and grant specialist in the School of Nursing, received $13,032 for the Ask-a-Nurse Pop-Up project. This innovative project will increase access to high-quality health care for underserved populations in Azusa while improving health literacy of persons who are living with ongoing medical conditions. The Ask-a-Nurse Pop-Up concept will provide for Azusa residents who are unable to go to the Neighborhood Wellness Center (NWC) to still receive no-cost health education, wellness and preventive care, and referrals one would get from the NWC. The pop-up will bring the services to the community. The NWC will partner with the All in for Azusa consortium, Azusa Unified School District, and the Center for Integrated Family and Health Services as referrals for primary care, mental health, or city resources.

Margaret Lee, MSW, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Social Work, received $10,000 for her Azusa City Resource and Toolkit project. The project team will produce an educational toolkit and trainings aimed at equipping community organizations and businesses to better interface with individuals they hope to assist. The project is an opportunity for key entities throughout Azusa, such as Azusa Unified School District personnel, the Azusa Police Department, the Neighborhood Connections, the APU Community Counseling Center, faith-based organizations, the local business community, to expand existing partnerships and build new ones.

July 2021

California Space Grant Consortium Awards $15,000 for APU STEM Project

Congratulations to Louise Huang, PhD, assistant dean of CLAS and director of the Center for Research in Science for a $15,000 award from the California Space Grant Consortium (CaSGC) for the project APUSat: A Student Developed CubeSat Program. Dr. Huang will partner with part-time APU instructor James Johansen, PhD, and others for this effort in which Department of Engineering and Computer Science students will develop space-to-ground communication and a simple sensor that can image or collect basic environmental data either in the radio or electro-optical/infrared frequency regimes. This award continues generous CaSGC Workforce Development Program funding to APU STEM projects since 2000.

July 2021

$252,800 to Continue Work With Substance Use Disorder Services

Rachel Gonzales-Castaneda, PhD, MPH, professor in the Department of Psychology, received notice of a new award from the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (CIBHS) for Training and Technical Assistance Services (Substance Use Disorder Services). Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) is the primary source of the funds for the award. This award of $252,800 extends to July 2022 contractual work done the previous year in providing training and technical assistance to the LACDPH Substance Abuse Prevention Provider Network which aims to ensure quality and effective service delivery to youth and families within LA County. Kudos to Rachel Gonzales-Castaneda for her continued excellent work in this crucial area.

July 2021

New $1.9 million SAMHSA Award

Congratulations to Sally Mansour, MS, LMFT, director of the APU Community Counseling Center, on receiving a notice of award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on funding for a new project, FY 2021 National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative - Category III. This five-year project will start on September 30, 2021 and the anticipated funding is $1,936,127. Through this project, APU will offer interdisciplinary, trauma-informed therapeutic trainings and services, outreach and stigma reduction campaigns, coordinated resources sharing and aftercare. This opportunity is a tremendous achievement. Kudos to Sally Mansour and team!

June 2021

BURTON BOOK FUND Award received by SFS

Congratulations to Heather Hamm in SFS for receiving the Burton Book Fund award ($2,000). John Burton Advocates for Youth provides resources for books or laptops to APU students (foster youth/former foster youth) - about $200 per student.

June 2021

BranchEd Award received by SOE

Congratulations to Anita Henck and Stacy Kula in SOE for receiving the Branch Ed award ($16,500). Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity will support the development, implementation, and testing of a rubric on inclusive instruction that can inform a curriculum audit.

June 2021

DCFS STIPEND PROGRAM Supplement received by BAS

Mary Rawlings in BAS received a supplement for DCFS Stipend Program ($45,986). This program supports the implementation of a DCFS Title IV-E funded internship stipend program at APU by recruiting and preparing MSW stipend interns for employment in DCFS upon graduation.

June 2021

Sally Mansour and Team Receive New SAMHSA Award

Congratulations to Sally Mansour, MS, LMFT, on receiving a notice of award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on funding for a vital project, Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Campus Suicide Prevention. The three-year award projects to $297,686, with $101,849 designated for Year 1 starting September 30, 2021. The project goal is to “increase APU’s capacity, awareness and skillset to identify, prevent, and respond to high risk behaviors that contribute to self-harm or substance abuse.” This award will continue work done under the same SAMHSA GLS program through a 2018 award. Ms. Mansour, director of the APU Community Counseling Center, and team will continue to partner with other campus units to provide workshops and training so that by the project’s end, 100% of APU faculty, staff, and students will have been trained in this crucial area. APU was pleased to receive a communication from the office of Congresswoman Grace Napolitano regarding this exciting award.

June 2021

SON Receives Significant New HRSA Award

APU received notice of award from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, on a new grant to the School of Nursing (SON). The notice specifies $475,173 for Year 1 of the project titled Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) Program for Professionals with Sabrina Friedman serving as PI. A total of $1,912,252 over four years will be awarded pending availability of funds and satisfactory progress. The goal is to develop and expand experiential training opportunities of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) provider workforce serving vulnerable populations in medically underserved and rural areas of San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties, with special emphasis on behavioral health needs of children, adolescents, and transitional age youth. Most of the awarded funds are for stipends to assist graduate students completing their final year of this crucial PMHNP program. Kudos to all involved in the proposal preparation, especially Aja Lesh (dean), Bonita Huiskes, and Diane Viera in the SON, and Marta Cenac-Mehedinti in the Office of Research and Grants. A special thanks to Congresswoman Grace Napolitano for her letter in support of the grant and APU!

June 2021

JONAS SCHOLARS Award Received by SON

Congratulations to Aurelia Macabasco-O'Connell in SON for receiving the Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare award ($30,000) to support 2 Jonas Scholars with a $15,000 scholarship each in the 2021-2023 Jonas Scholar cohort. In addition, Jonas will fund their participation in the 2022 Jonas Scholar conference and one networking meeting among current and past Jonas Scholars.

June 2021


Congratulations to Robert Duke in SOT for receiving a Lilly Endowment award ($49,471) to support assessment and planning activities. This project will engage the faculty in discussions about the changing role/distribution of theological education nationwide and how to engage these shifting realities. After that, there will be a response to the questions that surface from the program assessment. To address these issues thoroughly, there will be engagement with thought leaders in the areas of mission statement development, organizational structure, and race/racism to help the faculty coalesce around an abiding existential identity.

May 2021

SCIO Award Received by CLAS

Congratulations to Denise Edwards-Neff in CLAS for receiving the Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) award ($104,000). This project enhances research opportunities for early-career STEM faculty and allows for participation in SCIO’s Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science, Religion, and Society. There will be promotion of campus-wide and public engagements beyond the campus with STEM and science, religion, and society concerns. Also, there will be support for enhancing racial and gender diversity in STEM faculty.

May 2021

NSF S-STEM Award Received by CLAS

Congratulations to Drs. James Yeh, Louise Huang and Bradley McCoy in CLAS for receiving a National Science Foundation S-STEM award ($649,987) to support recruitment, retention, and graduation of Pell-eligible and first generation college students majoring in Engineering and Computer Science, and Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. Team is also joined by Dr. Christopher Newman in BAS Department of Higher Education supporting the research component of this project.

The project aims to provide up to 56 scholarships over 5 years (2021-2026). In addition to this financial support, faculty and peer mentoring, supplemental instruction, an existing STEM-focused success coach delivering career guidance, tutoring, and summer research with faculty mentors and internship opportunities will ensure that the S-STEM scholars receive robust assistance.

February 2021

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